Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome and Overview (2:52)

    • How to Get the Most out of the Class (5:24)

    • Stakeholder Development Worksheet

  • 2

    Main Class Lessons

    • Stakeholder vs Stockholder & Internal vs. External Stakeholders (4:29)

    • Primary and Secondary Stakeholders & Stakeholder Analysis (7:08)

    • Selecting Your "Dream Team" (4:01)

    • Developing Relationships Pre-Project (4:06)

    • Your Elevator Pitch Invitation (4:41)

    • Your Communication Plan (7:16)

    • Rewarding Your Stakeholders to Increase Participation (6:17)

    • Facilitating Stakeholder Discussions (10:46)

  • 3

    Next Steps

    • Pulling it all Together (3:33)

    • Stakeholder Development Worksheet

    • Final Wrap-Up (1:21)

Who it's For & What You'll Learn

  • Includes 1-hour (total), including 12 videos and a pdf download.

  • The class is designed for professionals and emerging leaders.

  • Develop stakeholder relationships.

  • Identify key stakeholders.

  • Facilitate collaborative team discussions.

  • Create a plan for leading a team of multiple stakeholders to complete a project.

  • You'll strengthen your team leadership skills by learning how to run a project that spans multiple teams and departments.

  • The skills learned in the class can be used to improve stakeholder participation on a small existing team all the way up to managing large, on-going projects.

  • No prior knowledge is required but the class is designed for individuals who hold leadership positions (or soon will).

  • Note: This class does not teach general stakeholder "engagement" tactics, which is often aligned with marketing and ultimately doing more business with clients. While that topic is clearly an important one, this class does not take that approach. In contrast, the class is essentially about developing critical relationships and leading a team of stakeholders on a project.

Cost: Free (For a Limited Time)

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